Jennings and Barrett are proud to be awarded ARMA Accreditation

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Jennings and Barrett are proud to be awarded ARMA Accreditation

Jennings and Barrett are proud to be awarded ARMA Accreditation. ARMA (the Association of Residential Management Agents) is a voluntary membership organisation. To join the organisation, managing agents must prove that they are experienced and provide the highest quality services.ARMA Accreditation commits the team at Jennings and Barrett to upholding 180 standards as set out in the ARMA Consumer Charter and Standards, established in 2016.

Joanna Bould, Director of Jennings and Barrett, said: “We’re extremely excited to have achieved ARMA Accreditation. The team here at Jennings and Barrett have been working very hard towards this goal, and now that we have achieved it, we will continue to work collectively to uphold the high standards as set out by the Association.”

Jennings and Barrett are the only local block and estate management company within Sidcup and Bexleyheath to be awarded the Accreditation.

To find out more about ARMA, and what the Accreditation means for our lessees, please read on.

About ARMA

The Association of Residential Management Agents (ARMA) was established in 2004 in response to the lack of statutory regulation within the leasehold sector. The lack of regulation means that anyone can set up as a managing agent and start trading. This has led to inconsistencies in service levels, ultimately denting public confidence in management agents.

In 2014, ARMA introduced a new self-regulatory regime which aimed to raise standards and the quality of service across the residential leasehold management sector.The regime, as set out in their Consumer Charter and Standards, has 180 standards developed specifically for managing agents, ensuring that all ARMA members have to comply with the highest possible standards.

At Jennings and Barrett, we share ARMA’s strive for high quality service across the industry and join in their hope that statutory regulation for all managing agents will be the long-term solution. In the meantime, we are committed to providing the best quality of services for our Lessees.

“By choosing an ARMA member, you get higher standards, greater confidence, and more openness”.


What does this mean for our landlords?

Jennings and Barrett are proud to have official accreditation to show our dedication to working to the highest quality, with personalised services for each of our landlords across our South London and North Kent patch.

Leaseholders can continue to rest assured that Jennings and Barrett will continue to ensure that your property is well maintained.

With Jennings and Barrett, you can be sure that:

We will provide you with high quality, professional services.

Your service charge money is being held legally and safely;

We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance, protecting you against inadequate advice and negligence;

We are committed and bound by professional standards – as the leasehold sector continues to be unregulated by the Government, you can be sure that ARMA accredited Agents will provide high quality service at fair prices.

Our expert local knowledge and ARMA Accreditation makes us the best managing agent for Lessees in the South East London, Kent and Essex .

ARMA Accreditation is designed to protect consumers in all areas of leasehold management. Landlords can now measure our performance against the 180 Standards set out in the Consumer Charter and Standards and are able to hold us to account if they feel that they are not receiving the highest possible level of service.

Find out more about the standards we are committed to upholding.

What does this mean for our Lessees?

ARMA Consumer Charter and Standards is written to apply to residential long leasehold properties, ensuring that the team at Jennings and Barrett will continue to:

Be honest, fair, open and transparent and provide a timely and professional service

Act with skill, care, diligence and without discrimination;

Make sure that all our staff are appropriately trained and knowledgeable;

Comply with all relevant legal requirements and relevant codes of practice;

Ensure that any client money held is held separately from the managing agent’s other monies.

Find out more about ARMA at, or call 020 3598 9665 today to talk to one of the Jennings and Barrett team about managing your property.

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