We take all necessary health and safety measures to protect leaseholders and make sure they are not at risk in their properties. One of the most important priorities is fire safety, which is essential to ensure the safety of leaseholders in blocks of all sizes. With fire safety legislation constantly changing, you will want your managing agent to be up to date on latest developments. Our dedicated block management team are in regular contact with the board of directors of RMCs to ensure your development is safe. We help you to keep your block in line with most recent legislation relating to The Fire Safety Act. Find out how we continue to ensure blocks under our management are well prepared in the event of a fire.

We take an active role in helping ensure that your board of directors responsibly protect all those who live, work or visit your buildings. We make you aware of all rules and regulations that must be followed in accordance with the Fire Safety Act. These important elements include:

Fire detection

It is essential that you have the correct fire detection and suppression equipment that is appropriate for your development. This may include automatic opening vents, sprinkler systems and smoke alarms. You will need to have these serviced regularly and keep reference of this.

Fire safety signs

You should ensure all correct fire safety signage is fitted throughout your building, including on fire-resisting doors which are part of common escape routes. This will include doors to electrical cupboards, storage, and other communal spaces.

Escape routes

Any escape routes should have suitable lighting installed if there is insufficient natural or borrowed lighting, so that residents can clearly identify the way out. Emergency escape lighting should also be in place for common escape routes such as flights of stairs, corridors and lobby areas.

We support you every step of the way to make sure you are compliant with fire safety regulations. An independent risk assessor will carry out a health, safety and fire risk assessment at your block or estate, so it is important that you make all necessary changes in advance of this taking place to ensure no problems occur. Your dedicated block manager can help you to ensure that you have all fire safety measures in place, and that adjustments can be made to your budget to accommodate these.

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