Dear Residents,

Please stay safe and be mindful of sanitation when moving around the building by:

  • Washing your hands before leaving your residence
  • Following government advice to self-isolate if necessary
  • Avoiding close-contact and touching
  • Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Clean and disinfect your residence often (including the outside of your front door and door handles)
  • Keep all rubbish bins and bin-bags closed to avoid contaminated rubbish escaping

If you are well and able to help vulnerable people in your development, please print out a postcard from Smart Citizenry, complete with your details and attach to this board.

On your browser, head to

If you are self-isolating following connection with a diagnosed coronavirus patient or due to having symptoms, please also ensure to:

  • Alert us by texting 07903 175673 so that we can inform other residents Do not use this number for any other purpose
  • Double-wrap any bin bags
  • Wear gloves to navigate the building or carry disposable bleach wipes for contacting any surfaces
  • Take care in lifts and ensure to disinfect any surfaces touched.

Thanks for your compliance,
Jennings & Barrett

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