Exterior decorating of iconic South Bank development

Directors for the Residents’ Management Company (RMC) and Freehold Company of this prestigious London South Bank block of 22 split level apartments had 4 different managing agents over a very short period of time. Each one failed to address important issues within the block that had been causing problems to residents. Directors of the RMC decided we were the right team to rectify these issues. These complex problems were not easily resolved, so this required all of the knowledge and expertise of our team to arrange the necessary works.

  • The installation of replacement water tanks was required at the site. There were no long-term guarantees of a consistent water supply for some residents.
  • The fifth floor of the building had little to no water pressure, so replacement water pumps were required.
  • Major external decorations were required, which had not been resolved for a number of years.
  • With the previous agent failing to carry out the Section 20 consultation process and quoting unsuitable figures to the RMC for redecoration, no progress had been made towards the works getting started.
  • There were also some significant service charge arrears, including from non-lessees with covenants regarding access. Despite the efforts of Directors, the collection had not been carried out.


Once we had taken over management of the block, we got to work immediately arranging for replacement water tanks to be installed and providing a new water pump supply to the fifth floor. We identified a qualified mechanical and electrical engineer to oversee the project and issued the appropriate Section 20 notices. All due processes were followed when arranging the project, with the Directors being kept updated throughout and all works being completed on time over a 5-month period.

For the external decoration works, we carried out a full Section 20 consultation, with lessees putting forward preferred contractors. A building surveyor competent in dealing with major projects was engaged. The project was carried out in three stages on three separate sides of the building, so scaffolding did not cover the whole block for the duration of the works. The board of Directors were kept informed on progress, and the total cost for the works amounted to a figure almost half of what was originally quoted by previous agents. The works were completed over the course of the year to cause minimal disruption.

Once works had been completed, we agreed on long-term maintenance plans with Directors so that they were prepared for any future projects.

hand&heartRegular visits to the property take place, and we are involved in Directors’ meetings to maintain the standards of the property

usersWe have continued to maintain a strong relationship with our client, and works are continuing to improve the condition of the building as the leaseholders budget allows. Paul Shuter, chair of the RMC said

“Jennings and Barrett have been open, honest, and professional, and they have gone the extra mile to make sure things work. We now have a trusted partner looking after our property.”


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