New roofs installed across 5 blocks

Jennings and Barrett have been managing this Eltham estate since 2010, with a number of Directors on the board of the Residents’ Management Company (RMC) changing over the years. The development, built in the 1970s, consists of 80 flats across 5 separate blocks set into its own gardens. Jennings and Barrett had advised that extensive roof repairs were likely to be required given the age of the roof, but the lease prevented the RMC from collecting a reserve fund. We advised the board that, with their insurance costs rising and the increasing frequency of leaks, they should consider either repairs costing tens of thousands of pounds or a full roof replacement.

  • The aging roof required extensive work, either repairs which were likely to cost tens of thousands, or a complete roof replacement which would likely be in the region of £500,000.
  • The lease had prevented the collection of any reserve funds, so we had to collect monies from leaseholders for the works to go ahead.
  • Some leaseholders disputed the need for the works or struggled to pay the lump sum.
  • Works were planned to start just at the beginning of the pandemic, meaning that site work had to be put on hold for a period of time.


Several years before the formal consultation process began, leaseholders were made aware of the deteriorating condition of the roofs and that they would be replaced in the near future. Potential flat purchasers were also informed that this work would go ahead, so there would be time for leaseholders to plan their finances accordingly.

A formal Section 20 Consultation process was followed and there were a number of leaseholder meetings held in order for lessees to ask any questions.

Once the service charge demands were sent out to include the cost of the works, we liaised with leaseholders individually, explaining their obligation under the terms of the lease and the need for this replacement to take place.

We agreed payment plans with those unable to pay the lump sum and legal action was taken where required to obtain the funds necessary to agree the roofing contract.

We recommended a local specialist Chartered Surveyors, who were engaged to draw up the specification for the new roof and to manage the contract.

We worked with the contractors to consider how work may be safely delivered within the laws around social distancing. The on-site contractor team initially formed a single household, living together in order to be able to legally work as a team at site.

Despite initial delays due to the pandemic, the works were delivered ahead of schedule and on budget at £428,000.

Relocation of downpipes took place to allow easier access and reduce the cost for future maintenance.

The board of Directors of the RMC were delighted with the way in which the works were completed, the advice they had from us throughout the process and the way we collected funds. We have maintained an excellent long-standing working relationship. Director of the RMC, Tony Sullivan stated

Jennings and Barrett have saved us time, effort, and money.”


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