Legacy issues from outgoing agent resolved for this prestigious SW1 development

Our client felt they didn’t have control over the management of this prestigious residential block of 28 units located in Central London. We dealt directly with the RMC, who had concerns and queries that had gone years without being addressed. The property manager resolved the issues by working closely with the board of Directors to make sure the development was managed effectively. We had a number of challenges to resolve along the way, but we were able to provide effective solutions.

  • One of the main concerns of the residents’ management company was that charges for car parking facilities had remained unpaid by their neighbours for many years. They were owed £25,000 in unpaid estate rent charges and the previous managing agent had been unable to obtain this from the commercial property owners.
  • The building had also overpaid for their electricity supply, meaning money was owed to leaseholders.
  • The previous managing agent had failed to arrange long-standing repairs, including replacement of a video entry phone, so there was significant work to be done.


We include a resolution of ongoing problems within our onboarding process. A key aspect of this is having a single point of contact for the Directors that is an experienced property manager. We will gain an understanding of what is required and ensure that the required actions are carried out in a timely fashion.

Working with the assistance of the board of Directors and competent solicitors, we were able to locate those who were not paying to serve the appropriate notices on them. All outstanding monies were reclaimed. We carried out a renewed Section 20 Consultation for the installation of a new video entry phone. We worked closely with the directors, establishing relationships with the concierge and caretaking staff on site. We were able to gain an understanding over a number of months of the peculiarities of this specific block and resolve the lessees’ long-standing issues.

usersAs a result of resolving the dispute over service charge contributions, the relationship between the residents and the neighbouring commercial owners is much improved and there are no further disagreements over rent charges for shared parking facilities.

houseLeaseholders’ long-standing issues were resolved and the Directors are comfortable that the development is managed effectively.


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