Improved management of listed buildings on historic South London estate

We took over from a previous managing agent on this historic South London estate, which was made up of 228 units. The pandemic added to difficulties with the handover from the outgoing agent and there was considerable work required to ensure that the service charge records were correct and up to date. There were a number of priorities agreed with the Directors of the Residents’ Management Company.

  • With service charge records out of date, the Directors could not develop a clear picture of their financial position.
  • Some leaseholders had large arrears amounting to thousands of pounds, which was having a considerable impact on cash flow and the RMC’s ability to meet their financial obligations.


We contacted all defaulters, advising them clearly of their service charge record, reminding them of their obligations under the terms of the lease they had signed and asking that they bring their account up to date or contact our office. The majority made payment immediately or agreed a payment plan. Some had become dissatisfied with how the estate was run, so we engaged directly with them to resolve their concerns. One leaseholder had amassed over £9,000 in arrears extending back over a period of time. The accounts team worked with them to involve their mortgage provider and funds were swiftly paid to the client service charge account.

moneyDirectors of the RMC were confident that they had the funds required to meet their obligations, including for running the on-site leisure facilities. They were able to more effectively make the decisions required to keep a large and prestigious development in good order. Directors meetings were shorter, more effective, and could be held less frequently.

hand&heartLeaseholders enjoyed an improved environment and more efficient response to any building or management issues.


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