Use of drone to reduce survey costs

We were instructed to manage this Victorian block, which was a listed building made up of 17 apartments. Directors were looking to bring the condition of the building back to an acceptable standard. Our dedicated block management team used their expertise to come up with a suitable approach.

  • The aging roof of this 19th century property had been experiencing frequent leaks and, with roof access proving difficult due to the design of the building, repairs would not be straightforward.
  • The Directors of the RMC had commissioned their own report to get to the bottom of the issues, but this was unable to be completed due to the structure of the roof and its multiple slopes and voids. A new approach was required.


We carried out a Section 20 consultation to inform lessees of the repairs required, collecting their share of the costs and providing them with an opportunity to give their input. Due to the difficult access, we commissioned Dronescope, a licensed drone operator to examine the roof in detail and fully understand the works required. We commissioned fully qualified surveyors to manage the project, keeping the Directors and residents fully informed throughout.

settingsAfter choosing Jennings and Barrett to manage and restore the block, from the process of carrying out consultations to the completion of the works and all related admin, the restoration project was completed within 2 years.

searchUsing the drones for an in-depth initial survey meant that the repairs could be properly planned and costed, ensuring that the work was able to be carried out within budget.

usersWe are confident that leaseholders were given peace of mind that the roof was restored to a sound condition and, as a result, insurance claims for water damage were reduced.


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