ARMA and IRPM have merged together to form The Property Institute, a professional body for residential property managers in England, Scotland and Wales.

The merger was initially announced in March 2022. As a result of the merger, The Property Institute has now launched new branding, replacing all ARMA branding across documents sent by Jennings & Barrett.

What has changed?

Other than seeing a new logo, everything will remain the same for clients of Jennings & Barrett. Jennings & Barrett remains one of the 320 registered companies under the professional body. The body covers both Management Agencies and Housing Associations.

The Property Institute advocates for greater government regulation of property management and related services – a belief shared by Jennings & Barrett. With over 22,000 property management businesses within the UK, we stand out by:

  • Utilising professional bodies for guidance and learning to ensure that we are always utilising best practices;
  • Continuously adopting and reviewing processes to improve efficiency and customer experience;
  • Providing personalised management services with named property managers and
  • Submitting our business for regular auditing by The Property Institute to retain our Accredited status.

We are committed to providing customer-focused services that keep your properties safe and well-maintained, and we look forward to working with The Property Institute from this point.

Are you drowning under the administrative, legal, and safety implications of managing your property?

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