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Estate uplift

Shooters Hill estate facelift leads to a jump in value for homeowners

The Problem

This Shooters Hill estate, made up of 72 flats over three blocks, was in need of a facelift. With the last redecoration having taken place between 2009 and 2011, it was time for the 45-year old Shooters Hill estate to have a significant makeover. The work involved checking and repair of cracks in the external walls, re-plastering, and painting as part of the regular upkeep of the building façades. Scaffolding was required, and the opportunity was taken to overhaul the roof and clear all gutters.

Victorian apartment block in Forest Hill required support for complex roof repairs

The Problem

This large, attractive Victorian building converted into 17 apartments was self-managed by the Directors of the residents management company (RMC). Following a number of roof leaks, they decided that the roof should be surveyed, and any works required carried out.  A specific defects report was commissioned. The report, whilst listing some of the work needed, also highlighted that due to the complexity of the roof, not all roof slopes or voids could be inspected.

The directors of the RMC realised that the project would require a section 20 process and that they would be asking their neighbours for considerable sums of money to pay their share. They decided to appoint a manging agent to assist them with the complex project and after contacting a few appointed Jennings and Barrett in 2015.

Victorian roof repairs
Jennings & Barrett Section 20 refurbishment

Directors of a Residents Management Company for prestigious block in Blackheath, South East London, required support to deliver complex building works involving Section 20

The Problem

The directors of the resident’s company have been running their small estate of 20 maisonettes in South East London for a number of years. Mostly long-term lessee’s and as good neighbours, they had little in the way of common areas and were happy dealing with the day to day issues to maintain their block and ensure the gardens were looked after. However, when the brickwork showed signs of considerable cracking and debonding the directors knew that they were going to need specialist support for the programme of works required to repair the building. Building engineers and surveyors were engaged to carry out reports into the problem and a solicitor confirmed the responsibility of leaseholders to meet the cost of repairs via their service charge.  Concerned about the complexity of implementing the section 20 process (as per Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) and with managing the works required, they decided via a vote of all lessees to appoint an experienced managing agent to act on their behalf.

Landlords of Bromley apartment use tenant eviction service and get possession of property with minimum hassle

The Problem

Two sisters, Lisa and Anna, decided to make an investment in an apartment wisely  chosen close to the amenities of Bromley. They found their tenant easily as the flat was newly refurbished, and decided to manage the let themselves using an online Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST).

Despite taking references for the tenant, he unfortunately stopped paying rent after only a few months of letting the property. The sisters approached their tenant, who explained that his circumstances had changed and he was no longer able to pay the rent. He said he would not be able to leave the property as he had nowhere else to go.

The sisters were left with no other option but to fund the mortgage payments themselves each month without the rental income they were expecting. They were also receiving calls from their tenant promising to make payments, however time after time these rental payments were not received.

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