Qualifying Works

Shooters Hill Estate facelift leads to a jump in value for homeowners

The Problem

This Shooters Hill estate, made up of 72 flats over three blocks, was in need of a facelift. With the last redecoration having taken place between 2009 and 2011, it was time for the 45-year old Shooters Hill estate to have a significant makeover. The work involved checking and repair of cracks in the external walls, re-plastering, and painting as part of the regular upkeep of the building façades. Scaffolding was required, and the opportunity was taken to overhaul the roof and clear all gutters.

Modern External Decoration

As managing agent, Jennings and Barrett were instructed by the Residents Association to manage the work. They quickly got the process underway to inform leaseholders of the proposals, raise funds, and invite tenders for the work. Using their in-house RICS surveyor, John Shine, a specification for the works was soon drawn up.

Following the requirements set out in S20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, in place to protect leaseholders from paying over the odds for any work to their building, Jennings and Barrett proceeded to:

  • Inform leaseholders of the requirements and proposed work
  • Invite observations and recommendations for contractors to be invited to tender
  • Inform leaseholders of the bids received following the open tender process

The tendering process was run by the Senior Block Manager, Carol, who invited a number of trusted local contractors to tender for the work. Three qualifying tenders were received, from which Cornish Decorators (London) was selected based on their:

  • experience with similar projects in the area
  • ability to carry out the work and within the timescales required
  • suitable qualifications and accreditations

They were also fully compliant with insurance requirements and came with good recommendations.

Leaseholder involvement

Jennings and Barrett worked with the Directors, who were keen to give the estate a more modern look. As well as keeping them informed throughout the process, they wanted to ensure that lessees liked the result. After all, they were the ones who live in the block and who want to be proud of their homes, inside and out.

A ballot system was set up, giving lessees a choice of colours. The majority spoke, and the final choice of colour was “Down Pipe”.


To minimise disruption to residents and to make funding easier on lessees, one block was completed per year, with a period of six weeks required per block. Within three years, the whole estate had a revamped look and all residents felt the revitalising effects in their day-to-day life.

The Results

The estate went from looking tired to having a new, smart and modern look. The residents felt the positive effects almost immediately: the average value of a unit increased by over 40% compared with an average increase of around 30% over the same period.

Lessees were not only happy with the outcome, but with the process as well having had a voice in it from the beginning and a final say in what their estate should look like.

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