Tenant Eviction Service

Landlords of Bromley apartment use tenant eviction service and get possession of property with minimum hassle

The Problem

Two sisters, Lisa and Anna, decided to make an investment in an apartment wisely chosen close to the amenities of Bromley. They found their tenant easily as the flat was newly refurbished, and decided to manage the let themselves using an online Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST).

Despite taking references for the tenant, he unfortunately stopped paying rent after only a few months of letting the property. The sisters approached their tenant, who explained that his circumstances had changed and he was no longer able to pay the rent. He said he would not be able to leave the property as he had nowhere else to go.

The sisters were left with no other option but to fund the mortgage payments themselves each month without the rental income they were expecting. They were also receiving calls from their tenant promising to make payments, however time after time these rental payments were not received.

Tenant Eviction Advice

Lisa and Anna sought professional advice from Jennings and Barrett, who offer a tenant eviction service for Landlords and other letting agents in Kent and South East London. They wanted possession of the flat with the minimum fuss and cost.

Jennings & Barrett have over 100 years of experience within the lettings industry and recognise that once a tenant is in over two months’ arrears, they are in most cases unlikely to be able to catch up with the payments. They take a robust approach to rent arrears.

Section 8 Notice

Legislation allows for a landlord, or the landlords agent, to evict a tenant without recourse to Solicitors. Lisa and Anna liaised with Jennings & Barrett and decided to pursue the rental arrears and instructed them to serve the tenant with a Section 8 Notice.

The tenant did not settle the arrears as stated in the Notice, therefore Jennings & Barrett applied to the court for possession of the property along with a court order for all outstanding monies to be paid. A Court hearing took place and the Judge awarded possession of the property along with a monetary order to the Landlords. Following this order, Jennings & Barrett attended with a Court Bailiff to gain possession of the property.

The fees for this process were:

  • £282.00 inc VAT for Jennings & Barrett
  • £355.00 Court Fees for an N5B
  • £121.00 Court Fees for an N325

The tenant was evicted within 14 weeks from the Section 8 Notice being issued.

Full Management Letting Service

Both Lisa and Anna were relieved to have the property back in their possession and instructed Jennings & Barrett to find a new tenant, draw up an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and fully manage the property going forward.

They have a new tenant with whom all contact is via Jennings & Barrett and have a small pot of funds to maintain the property and cover any void periods.

“Having the support of Richard and his team at such a difficult time alleviated a huge burden. Having Jennings and Barrett manage the property including finding tenants, carrying a thorough vetting and having correct documentation in place has given me peace of mind.”

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